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Searching For a room

How do I search for a room?

  • In the MuslimBunk app, we have made it extremely simple to find a listing in any city in our featured countries. Simply search for the desired location and all available options will be displayed to you. Be sure to utilize the numerous filters to tailor the search results to your needs. 

How do I contact the lister?

  • After browsing the listings and finding the one that interests you, simply tap on the listing to expand it. There, you will see the specifics of that listing such as the amenities, description, rules, and more. At the bottom of the listing, there is a “Send Inquiry” button which will allow you to get into contact with the lister. Click this button to send a pre-written message to get the conversation started.

How do I find listings better suited for my needs?

  • The incorporation of filters in the MuslimBunk app allows you to find the perfect listing. After clicking the “Search Rooms” button on the “Welcome” page, you will be taken to a screen which will allow you to select filters for your search. If needed, you can go in at anytime and adjust the selection of your filters using the “Filters” tab.

Does MuslimBunk team find rooms for me?

  • Although we would love to assist you in your search, unfortunately, it would be extremely difficult to have someone from the team search the rooms for you. However, feel free to email uapps.contact@gmail.com for any questions or concerns you may have.

Can I book through MuslimBunk? 

  • Currently, this app serves as only a communication platform between seekers and listers. Once you have found your dream room/roommate or tennant, go ahead and exchange a few messages with them through our secure in-app messaging system, and finalize any outside payment method as however desired. 

Listing a room

What’s required to post a room on MuslimBunk?

  • At minimum, the lister must include 2 photos of the space, the price of the space, length of availability, and the city where the listing is located. The lister may not include personal contact information in the post such as email or phone number. Including contact information within the app, including in the messages, is a strict violation and may result in termination of the account(s) of all parties involved. 

How to list a room? 

  • We have made the app as user friendly as possible. To list a room, follow the steps presented after clicking the “Listing a room” button. Try to be as detailed as possible when creating a listing so you can find the perfect tenant. You can go to the “My Listings” tab to manage your listings.

Am I allowed to edit my listing?

  • Yes you may edit your listing at anytime under the “My Listings” tab. This includes deactivating a listing or making any changes to it.  

Is listing more than one room allowed?

  • Absolutely. Just follow the “List A Room” steps again in the app

Account & Settings

No longer need MuslimBunk? 

  • If you no longer need MuslimBunk and no longer want to  receive notifications, mark all your listings as rented and go into the settings section of the app and click the “Deactivate Account” button.  Whenever you are ready to join again, login and your account will be automatically activated. You may also reach out to us at uapps.contact@gmail.com for assistance.

Having trouble accessing your account?

  • If you have attempted to reset your password and still can not gain access to your account, please contact us at uapps.contact@gmail.com.

Why was my listing deactivated?

  • If your listing was deactivated, your post likely violated our guidelines. Reach out to uapps.contact@gmail.com for further help. 

Staying Safe

Is the exact location of the listing shown to other users?

  • Safety is our top priority and we want all MuslimBunk users to feel comfortable using the app. The location shown for the listing will be a general area around the exact location so that the searcher has a sense of the location.

What to do if you see someone violating the community guidelines? 

  • If you see any suspicious postings or feel that a post doesn’t meet the community guidelines, please reach out to uapps.contact@gmail.com to have the issue further investigated.


Do I need to pay anything?

Where are my messages going?

  • The messages are sent to the recipient’s mailbox and they will also receive an email notification.