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A little introduction

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our Story

Launched in 2019 by Umair Hafeez and Uzair Kaleem, two young professionals, MuslimBunk was founded on a single desire: To streamline the rooms + roommate  finding process for Muslims all around the world. 

“Throughout college, I noticed that many of my Muslim friends and acquaintances had to move temporarily for internships. One thing they all had in common was that they wanted Muslim roommates but struggled to find them. Regardless of posting on social media months before the move, they had very little luck getting what they wanted and sometimes had to make the best of their only options. With this app, we hope to alleviate that problem to the best of our ability”, UZAIR KALEEM, Co-Founder

“Earlier in 2019, we were able to recognize major holes within the Muslim roommate finding industry, particularly a lack of focus towards User Experience. We aim to solve that problem by providing a complete user friendly mobile app, with an extra sense of focus towards security, and a 110% commitment to improvement”, UMAIR HAFEEZ, Co-Founder

our mission

It is our mission to sustain a global mutually beneficial platform for Muslim room/roommate seekers and listers alike. Our application operates under the direction of  users like yourself and we carefully consider each suggestion sent our way. Furthermore, we are dedicated to invest the necessary amount of time to ensure each feature and update surpasses your expectations.

 To summarize, we stand by our values, and strive to help you stand with yours.

our Service

MuslimBunk is designed to connect Muslims searching for rooms/roommates in all parts of the world. When it comes to searching for a room, you simply pick the city that you are interested in, and use filters to narrow down the search based on your preferences. Once you find what you’re looking for, send the lister a message to finalize the deal!

our Socials

We know that social media is an extremely crucial aspect to building a strong community and relationship with users like yourself. 

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