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After downloading MuslimBunk on your device, the first step in finding your dream room is the profile creation phase. In this step, you will be able to narrow down your preferences by including key details such as lifestyle habits, interests, and more.


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After you complete your impressive profile, navigate to the search tab, and begin searching your desired locations. We have incorporated numerous filters to make searching a simple and efficient task. You can even save listings and view them anytime in the “saved” page. Once you find your ideal listing, reach out to the lister through our in-app chat system.


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Once you have chatted with the lister and exchanged a few messages to finalize the details, you are ready to move in to your new home, Congratulations!

Why choose muslimBunk?

We stand by our values, and strive to help you stand with yours


We are driven by true passion for constant improvement and are dedicated to continuously incorporating new, and cutting edge methods into our platform


No matter the area of concern, we are fully committed to providing users the most complete Muslim roommate finding application, with an emphasis on empowering individuals all around the globe


To us, exhibiting honesty and integrity at all times is fundamental to the success of our platform. One way we maintain this is by the use of social media, and we are always available for a chat


What Our users say?

With the introduction of MuslimBunk, I now have the opportunity to advertise my homes to a demographic that I am familiar with. This is a powerful tool for anyone with an extra room or two and I am excited for what the future holds.
Hassan Jamli
After my Freshmen year, I had to find my own place and the cost of living on campus had skyrocketed. I found out about MuslimBunk and was able to split an apartment close to campus with 2 other girls who are now my bestfriends!
Maryam Abdullah
Nursing Student
I found this app extremely useful when I moved to Houston, Texas for an internship. I was able to find a place near my work, but the best thing was that I was able to get a room in a Muslim household. It's as if I never left home.
Mustafa Ali
International Student

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